Boost Your Chiropractic Practice with Social Media Know How

Over 70% of small businesses today use social media as a marketing tool – and for good reason.

It’s a powerful way to connect, inform and engage. And as potential customers lean into using social as a search tool, an active social media presence lends credibility to any business.

How can you best leverage social media as a chiropractor? Strategy, goals and implementation look a bit different for everyone. But there are universal best practices that can help you boost your practice and reach patients in a genuine way.

8 Social Media Best Practices to Boost Your Practice

  1. Facebook: Out of the social media platforms to choose from, Facebook remains widely popular. More than 70% of adults in the US use the channel. Advertising tools are simple and cost-effective. A well-populated Facebook presence is a “must” for any business.
  2. Other platforms: Consider other social media channels depending on your practice and branding. Twitter is a popular tool for quick, real time messaging. Instagram is entertaining, highly visual and great for image-centric story telling.
  3. Marketing strategy: Organic (unpaid) and advertising-based (paid) social media strategies both offer benefits. A combination of the two is ideal. Establish your online presence with organic tactics and reach new patients by promoting your practice through paid social.
  4. Response time: It’s called “social” media. Be social. Respond to followers in a timely manner. Answer questions and promote engagement. It’s the surest way of building your audience and a genuine rapport will keep them coming back for more.
  5. Be visual: Social media has become a highly visual landscape. Images, infographics and video play an important part in capturing attention and building a following.
  6. Consistency: Engagement and an increase in followers comes with regular, consistent posting. The added bonus? A thoughtful social media strategy in turn drives traffic to your website that increases organic ranking.
  7. Content: Follow the 80/20 rule to promote genuine connections with your audience. Post 80% informative, value back content, 20% promotional for a winning combination.
  8. Time: The return on social media efforts comes with time and commitment. A lot of it. Stick with it. Honest connections made through quality content will earn you a loyal following.

VividSocial Makes Social Media Simple

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