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VividSocial takes the stress off you and your staff, saving you time, money and resources so you can connect with your patients in a more meaningful way. Our low-cost monthly subscription provides engaging, high-quality content curated and customized for chiropractors – posted directly to your Facebook page.

Followers enjoy educational and easily shareable posts about chiropractic, fitness, nutrition, health and wellness. You build industry thought leadership, increase your number of followers, reach new patients, and grow your practice.

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Proven Results

VividSocial subscribers saw tremendous growth in three key Facebook performance factors.

Here’s How it Works

Our VividSocial social media experts post sought-after chiropractic topics that include photos and videos, relevant hashtags, and links to interesting and informative articles. We help improve your Facebook engagement scores with the platform algorithms so that your audience views more of your posts.

Step 1

We research and gather content from reputable sources like:

  • The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress
  • Reputable Chiropractic Organizations
  • ChiroNexus
  • And more!
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Step 2

We create informative, engaging posts for your audience including:

  • Chiropractic insights
  • Nutrition pointers
  • Fitness tips

Step 3

We post directly to your Facebook page:

  • During prime engagement times
  • With researched hashtags
  • Three times a week
  • You can supplement with personalized posts
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Connect with your patients with consistent, quality Facebook posts – without effort.

We make social media easy!

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